Captain Tom Poems!

Thank you for sending in your poems about Captain Tom Moore – here are two really thoughtful acrostic poems from Tom and Ellie:


Nations inspiration for everyone

Helpful hand

Selfless acts that helps millions

Happy to help

Encouraging others to help save lives

Raising money to help the world

Offering to do the right thing



H e is helping us get better

E very day he is raising more and more

L ove, care, and support is what he and other people are giving

P eople are aware that he is doing right and joining him every day

T oday he has raised over £25M so far and he was aiming for £1,000

H elp him and the NHS crew save more lives

E ven in these times there is still hope

N ow you can donate for a lovely cause

H ere is the day for a change

S o all say thank you to captain Tom Moore