We believe that punctuality should be valued and hope that you will encourage your child to be on time for school. Any pupils arriving after 9am should report to the main entrance and sign in; they will be marked in registers as being late arriving at school. Similarly, pupils leaving the School early for any reason should also be signed out at the main entrance.
All schools are required to keep a register of each child’s attendance which is reported to you, the parents, at the end of every academic year. Absence from school can fall into two categories, either “Authorised” or “Unauthorised”. Authorised absence covers absences due to illness, medical appointments, religious observance days etc. Unauthorised absence covers a family holiday, outside normal school holidays, lateness, if the school does not receive a telephone call/note indicating the reason for an absence. Registers are checked regularly and any unauthorised absence pursued. It is therefore essential that you inform the school either by telephone or in writing as to the reasons for any absence.