Free Understanding Dyslexia Course

Nessy, an intervention that we use to support children in school, have made their Understanding Dyslexia training free to mark Dyslexia Awareness month. This training is suitable for both school staff and parents.

The short course has 6 modules but includes all the essential information you need to know about dyslexia. The videos are only 2-3 minutes long so don’t become overwhelming.

The training modules cover identification, an explanation of the neurological processes affected by dyslexia, intervention strategies, accommodations and the use of technology. Each module is followed by a short quiz to test knowledge. The training can be done on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The course takes about 2 hours but can be completed in bitesize chunks and a certificate is awarded when the course is complete!

If you are interested in developing your understanding of dyslexia, you can access the training, by following the attached link and then using TEACHUD in the apply coupon box at checkout to access the training for free.