Wrekin Class -Welcome Back!

I am delighted to be welcoming back Wrekin class this term. I know that some pupils will feel anxious, as well as excited, to return, but I want to reassure parents, carers and children that in school we have taken many measures to help them remain safe. The routines have slightly changed, but I am sure we will get used to them quickly!
Wrekin class will enter school at 8.30 and leave at 14.40. Worship will take place remotely for the foreseeable future at 9.30am. Children will enjoy break times at 10.45-11.00, where they will have equipment to play with which is exclusive to our class. At lunchtime, we will start at 11.55 and finish at 12.40.
In Wrekin Class, we will have PE lessons on Monday and Friday -meaning pupils will come in dressed in their PE clothes and remain in them all day. This will start from 7th September.
As a school, we have purchased new and exciting writing and guided reading resources, so we will be starting those this term, and I will be looking forward to seeing some quality writing. In Maths, I will be working with the children to catch -up any gaps and also ensure children are progressing through the Year 5 and Year 6 objectives as appropriate. We will be studying wars through time in history, learning about The Five Pillars of Islam and Jesus The Messiah in RE and in science we will investigate electricity and the heart and lungs. We will have a French lesson with a specialist teacher, look at pitch and rhythm in music, painting in art and structures in DT.
If you are worried or concerned about anything, I urge you to contact me via the school office – I like to know if there are things that could help your children.
I am really excited to be back in class with a whole class and I hope we can have a fantastic start to the academic year!
Mr Field