Pimhill Work – Wednesday

Hello Pimhill

I can see some of you have managed to complete the activities on Education city well done.

I will keep them on for the whole week for those that have been doing other activities.

Have a look at the activities on Twinkl home learning hub.

I think all of Pimhill should have a go at the 5-7 activities.

Reception you can  continue with the maths on Education City

(the 3-5  can be done as revision if you want)

Have a go at reading the old toy story and do the activities linked to it.

The worries PSHE activity would be good to see how your child is feeling.

Remember have a go at what you can, choose activities that your child enjoys doing, in Reception we work in short burst of adult led activities and the  children are set challenges to complete on their own linked to what they enjoy playing.

Keep up the good work.

Mrs Foster