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Number Formation

We would like you to practise forming numbers correctly at home. This means you need to think about making sure they are facing the right way and are formed carefully so that they can’t be mistaken for a different number. If you are writing 2 digit numbers you need to check that you have got the digits in the right order so that numbers like 12 don’t look like 21!

Here are some activities that you can download and do at home to help you practise.




School Council Homework

In the next couple of weeks, we are going to be electing our new School Council members. For your homework we would like you to write a speech, with your grown ups, to present to the class about which school council you would like to be part of and why you should be elected.

The school councils we have are:

  • Worship
  • Fun and Games
  • Eco
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Healthy Helpers

Online Learning

Hi Pimhill,
Just to let you know that Mrs Foster has uploaded some lovely activities for you to complete at home onto your class Teams. You will need to log in using the account details given to you by school. Once you are logged into your teams, you need to click on ‘Teams’ on the left had side and make sure you are on ‘Pimhill’, then you will find the work for you by clicking on your year page for example – ‘Reception’ under ‘Channels’.
I will be contactable on teams to help with anything with your home learning.
We hope you enjoy the activities.
Miss Lloyd-Jones

Tuesday 5th January (morning)

Good morning Pimhill and a Happy New Year.

I hope you all had a good Christmas, I was looking forward to hearing all about your holidays  but hopefully you can tell me about it by sending me a picture and some writing about your holiday.

Remember when you are trying to write a word say the word slowly (segment) and write the sounds you can hear. Remember between each word you need a finger space and think carefully how you write the letters.

Year 1 Remember your sentences need a capital letter to start and end with a full stop. Names also need a capital letter.

Today I will be sending you a user name and teams password so that we can meet on the screen and you can upload work and your parents can message me.

You can email me your pictures and writing to

I will then send you a message back.


Pimhill work week beginning 2nd November 2020

Hello Pimhill,

Here is some activities to complete at home while isolating.



Here are a set of 10 lessons from oak academy linked to a story the King and the Moon




Letters and sounds 

We are revisiting phase 2

Games and activities can be accessed through phonics play

Buried treasure

Dragon’s den

Picnic on Pluto

Are all good games to access.

any problems let me know.

Mrs Foster





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