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Home work for Pimhill Year 1 until half term

Homework Year 1 Pimhill

Please practice the activities daily

The children have all come home with sounds in a wallet from phase 3 letters and sounds. The aims for the next few weeks are for the children to:

Recognise the sounds

Recognise the sounds in words

Read the sounds in words

Write the sounds

Write the sounds in words.

Here are some ideas how to help your child

Recognise the sounds-

Sort the sounds into 2 sets ones your child knows, one your child doesn’t know. Go through the ones your child knows saying the sound and doing the action. When your child is really confident add one or two from the set your child doesn’t know. Only add more your child is really confident, they should feel that they are successful at this.

Reading the sounds in words words

The phonics play website at the moment has free access to 3 games picnic on pluto, dragon’s den and buried treasure

On here you can practice reading words using the different games. You can pick individual sounds so pick the ones your child is confident with and one or two that they are not. The games are very simple but the children love them. The children have to read words with the sounds in and sort them into real and fake words. In class we always get the last one wrong (on purpose) as the characters to a different action.

The children also have reading books with these sounds in.

Writing the sounds

Say the sound and get the children to write it. Again start with the ones your child is confident with and only add one or two new ones at a time. The children love using a small white board and pen for this. I noticed Tesco had some for £3 or I have some old ones I could give out. Pen and paper is fine too.

Writing the sounds

Just the same as writing the sounds say words with the different sounds. A list can be found here  Look for phase 3 words and scroll down to find the sound you are working on. Work on at least 2 different sounds so that they children have to think and remember what each one looks like.


We will be working on this too in school but a bit of daily individual practice at home will make all the difference.

Please add pictures or comments on Tapestry so I can praise the children and see what they are up to.

Any questions please ask. I could do a phonics sessions on teams if people want one.

Many thanks for your support

Joanne Foster

Thurday 16th July

Good Morning Pimhill,

Its the last day of the school year  and what a funny year it has been. Over the last few months I have missed you all. Its been very strange not seeing you everyday and listening to everything you want to tell me. I have missed the funny things you do and of course I have missed helping you learn new things.

I will see you all in September whether you are in Haughmond or Pimhill.

You are all superstars so here is a certificate for you to print.( you will have to do the writing)

home learning certificate

Have a great summer, stay safe and be good

Mrs Foster

Continue with the maths and English that was set on Monday and finish of your information booklet for your new year group.



Wednesday 15th July

Good morning Pimhill,

Continue with handwriting and spellings set on Monday and the White Rose Academy Maths.

Over the next 2 days have a go at making an information booklet for your next class. If it’s me I sure there are things I don’t know about you. If it’s Mrs Gregory she would like to get to know you.

Here are some ideas.

For my new teacher


Have a great Day

Mrs Foster




Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Pimhill,

I hope you practiced your key word spelling and handwriting yesterday. Remember  to make sure your tall letters are tall and small letters are small.

Year 1 here is some joined handwriting you can practice

cursive handwriting

Maths is from White Rose as linked yesterday and is all about telling the time.

If  you would like to make a clock here is a template.

clock template


Have a great day

Mrs Foster




Monday 13th July

Good morning Pimhill,

Its the last week of term I hope you have a great last week.

there is not Oak Academy English this week so let’s concentrate on handwriting and spelling.

Can you practice your hand writing in 10 minute bursts, ask someone to help you set a timer. Concentrate really hard for those 10 minutes.

Year 1

key words to learn how to spell.

year 1 handwriting


reception spelling and handwriting

Our maths is there from white rose

Links to activity sheets are here:





Have  a great week Mrs Foster




Friday 10th July

Good morning Pimhill,

It’s Friday today I hope that the weather will be better today and for the weekend.

Finish off this weeks lessons on Oak Academy and White Rose

thinking about the animals you have been drawing and habitats you have looked at make an animal fact file. There are three different sheets to choose from reception pick any of the sheets. year 1 you should have a go at either 2 or 3.


Have a good day and great weekend.

Mrs Foster

Thursday 9th July

Good morning Pimhill

Continue with the Maths from White Rose and the English from Oak Academy today.

Through out the year we have been looking at different habitats, let’s have one last look.

Here is a great activity. Can you guess the different habitats?

Then there is a sorting activity. you can either cut and stick the animals on or draw your own animals in the different habitat, especially if you’ve been practicing your animal drawing earlier in the week.

Have a good day

Mrs Foster

Wednesday July 7th

Dear Pimhill,

Continue with the White Rose Maths and Oak Academy English.

The links and worksheets for these were given on Monday.

I hope you enjoyed drawing yesterday, here are some other sheets to have a go at drawing different things.

For those of you who don’t like drawing here is a fun frog hopper to make by paper folding.(origami)

Can you make a game with your frog hopper. You could draw some circles and give each one a value How many can you score with 3 hops or maybe 5 hops?

Have a hoppy day

Mrs Foster

Good Morning Pimhill,

I hope you are all well.

Continue with the Oak Academy English and White Rose maths that were linked yesterday.

I know that lots of you love to draw. Here are some sheets that will help you draw animals. Can you add colour to your finished drawing? Can you have a go at different animals without the instruction sheet.

There are lots of videos on you tube to help you draw. Ask an adult to help you find one.

Have a great day.

Mrs Foster


Monday 6th July

Good Morning Pimhill,

I hope you had a good weekend.

It’s Monday so I will link the White Rose work sheets for the week.

Year 1 it is halves and quarters this week.





Reception there are lots of activities linked to counting to 20

Oak Academy is for  English.

You can always do any of the other lessons linked to Oak academy they are all very good.

Have a good day

Mrs Foster


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