Good Morning Pimhill

I hope you are starting with Joe Wicks. There is a log to record how many of each activity you do on the Twinkl home learning. Cn you keep a record and see if you can improve each day.

This morning follow the Twinkl home learning phonics Age 5-7 for both reception and year 1 ( don’t forget the activities on education city too)

Maths – doubling and halving  There are activities on Twinkl home learning 5-7 for both reception and year 1. You need to learn your doubles off by heart so see if you can get someone to test you.

You can play ‘number tennis’ you need two bats and no ball. One person shouts a number between 0-10 and pretends to serve the ball. The other person has to say the double and pretend to hit the ball back. Have fast can you return the pretend ball? Don’t forget to test mum or dad!

There is also a story to listen to and activities to go with it.

Hope you have a good day

Mrs Foster