Friday 18th September – To be completed by Thursday 24th September 2020

Hi Stiperstones Class!

Once again we will be setting online homework. This will be regularly now every Friday.

Please remember to let school know if you have lost any log in information that you may need.


Once again  I would like you to all practise your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars-

You will be having regular times table test with Mrs Norris every Thursday, so remember to please try to speed yourselves up!

Science – 


Please conduct some research (use the internet or books if you like) to try to find out what ‘vertebrates’ are. I will give you a clue, they are a class of animal! 

This links with our Science topic of ‘Classification’ and this knowledge will help you with our Science lesson next week.


At least 15 minutes every day please, to an adult if possible.


For this weeks class spellings, once again please see the Stiperstones Class Spelling Page.

You should have completed this homework by next Thursday 24th September.

Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Lloyd-Jones