Friday 1st May 2020

Good Morning Haughmond and welcome to a brand new month!

It has been lovely that over the last two days I’ve had so many e-mails, photographs and copies of what you have been doing at home. I am still very proud of everything that you are all doing and seeing what you’ve done always brightens my day. I will be putting some photos and pictures onto our news page so you can see what your friends are up to as well.

For Maths today I would like you to complete lesson 5 on the White Rose website. As with last week it is challenge day and if you can’t access the activity on White Rose, they will also be available at BBC Bitesize. The links for White Rose are here:

Year One      Year Two

It’s the last day of the TTR battle, and I’m giving you until this evening to get as many points as you can for your year group. The gap is closing Keep battling! 

English, again, is a continuation of the lessons you’ve been doing this week.
Year One your lesson is the last one on Sam’s Sandwich and can be found here: Lesson 5.

Year Two your lesson is to write a set of instructions and can be found here: Lesson 5

As it is Friday, you also need to ask someone in your house to test you on last week’s spellings before starting to practise the new ones.

This afternoon, the Sealife Centre in London are doing a live session about their penguins. A link to it, along with some extra penguin related activities can be found down the page on the Twinkl home learning hub here: Twinkl Hub

I hope you all have a good weekend,

Missing you all,

Mrs G.