Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday! Last day of the week!

I hope you all managed to spend some of yesterday outside in the sun.

Thank you to all the children who sent me your book reviews yesterday. It was really lovely to read your writing. I think Joe is going to be particularly amused by Dirty Bertie. Thank you for that recommendation Evan!

Remember you have your daily activities: spellings, Reading Eggs, TTRockstars and/or Numbots


Spelling Test day today! Ask one of the grown-ups in your house to test you on your spellings. It would be a good idea if you wrote each word in a sentence too. Remember your punctuation and handwriting.

Next you need to complete the spelling lesson for next week’s set of words.

Year One –

Year Two –


Today is the last day in this week’s TTRockstars battle. Year One are currently winning. Year Two, can you come from behind and win?

Today I’ve got a maths problem for you, thanks to Shrewsbury Town. It is up to you to decide how you are going to solve it and record what you have done, but if it helps I have made a template you can download from here: Football Kit Problem Solving

The problem itself is here:



You’re at the end of a strange week, so I think it would be a good time for a bit of mindfulness. Here’s the link to Peace Out. I’ve chosen Wiggleflop for today because I know that it is a favourite.

My Audible recommendation for the weekend is Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows. I hope you enjoy it.

Keep up the good work and make the most of the weekend.

Take care,

Mrs Gregory