Home work for Pimhill Year 1 until half term

Homework Year 1 Pimhill

Please practice the activities daily

The children have all come home with sounds in a wallet from phase 3 letters and sounds. The aims for the next few weeks are for the children to:

Recognise the sounds

Recognise the sounds in words

Read the sounds in words

Write the sounds

Write the sounds in words.

Here are some ideas how to help your child

Recognise the sounds-

Sort the sounds into 2 sets ones your child knows, one your child doesn’t know. Go through the ones your child knows saying the sound and doing the action. When your child is really confident add one or two from the set your child doesn’t know. Only add more your child is really confident, they should feel that they are successful at this.

Reading the sounds in words words

The phonics play website at the moment has free access to 3 games picnic on pluto, dragon’s den and buried treasure www.phonicsplay.co.uk

On here you can practice reading words using the different games. You can pick individual sounds so pick the ones your child is confident with and one or two that they are not. The games are very simple but the children love them. The children have to read words with the sounds in and sort them into real and fake words. In class we always get the last one wrong (on purpose) as the characters to a different action.

The children also have reading books with these sounds in.

Writing the sounds

Say the sound and get the children to write it. Again start with the ones your child is confident with and only add one or two new ones at a time. The children love using a small white board and pen for this. I noticed Tesco had some for £3 or I have some old ones I could give out. Pen and paper is fine too.

Writing the sounds

Just the same as writing the sounds say words with the different sounds. A list can be found here www.letters-and-sounds.com/  Look for phase 3 words and scroll down to find the sound you are working on. Work on at least 2 different sounds so that they children have to think and remember what each one looks like.


We will be working on this too in school but a bit of daily individual practice at home will make all the difference.

Please add pictures or comments on Tapestry so I can praise the children and see what they are up to.

Any questions please ask. I could do a phonics sessions on teams if people want one.

Many thanks for your support

Joanne Foster