Monday 11th May 2020

Good Morning,

I hope you have all had a good three day weekend. At my house we did lots of playing in the garden and got the paddling pool out. We also had a barbeque, which was going well until it started to thunder!

This week I’ve set up another TTR Battle for you, and we have gone back to Year One versus Year Two. The score in year group tournaments is 1 – 1. Who is going to take the lead this week? The only other part of TTR that I want you to look at this week is the Garage. This section is automatically set to your level after you have done the Gig test the first time you enter the Garage. I know some of you haven’t yet completed this part of it, but stick with it as completing it means that the garage will be set to your personal level.

For Maths this week things have changed a little bit. You are still going to be doing the lessons from White Rose, but I will be giving you two links. One for the video and one for the activity.

Year One – Adding by making 10 – Video                                                                                                                                   Monday Activity Y1

Year Two- Adding and subtracting 10s – Video                                                                                                                                    Monday Activity Y2

In English you are continuing with Oak National Academy.

Year One, this week you are looking at another brilliant book; The Tiger who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. Today you are listening to the story and then answering questions about it: Lesson One

Year Two, you are continuing your learning about The Firework maker’s Daughter. and will today be retrieving information from chapter two: Lesson One

Remember as well to keep practising your spellings and handwriting.

Something else that I have seen that you might like to watch and do is a Let’s Go Live lesson with Maddie Moate and Greg Foot about Planting Tomatoes and Potatoes

Today’s story recommendation is Under the Same Sky

Keep up the good work,

Mrs G.