Monday 18th May 2020

Good Morning Haughmond!

I hope you all had a good weekend. The weather was really nice in Market Drayton, so we were able to go for some good walks. I made grassheads with my boys on Saturday too, which was an easy an fun activity. Maybe it is something you could have a go at if you have the things and fancied trying something different?

I was really impressed with your TTR battle last week. I kept checking throughout the week and saw how often the lead was changing, but well done to Year One for coming out victorious! A special well done to Lara for getting the most points in Year Two, and Dom for doing the same in Year One. I’m really impressed! This week I have set two new battles – one for each year group.


This week you are learning about measuring.

Year One

Monday’s Video Year One

Monday Activity Year One

Year Two

Monday’s Video Year Two

Monday’s Activity Year Two


Year One, this week you are looking at information texts, starting with a lesson about a t-rex today! Monday’s Lesson Year One

Year Two, you are continuing your learning about The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Today you are investigating the meaning of words in Chapter Two. Monday’s Lesson Year Two

If you would like an additional activity today, BBC Bitesize have got a history lesson about Queen Elizabeth I that you might like to look at. We looked at her last term when we compared her to Queen Elizabeth II but there is information in this lesson that we didn’t learn about her, and of course, a Horrible Histories clip! Queen Elizabeth I Lesson

I hope you all have a good day,

Mrs G.