Monday 23rd March 2020

Good Morning!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

Today our learning is going to include English, Maths and Science.


  • Practise your new spellings. These are in the spellings section of our class website page. Write a sentence for each word. Remember to think about how you have formed your letters and what punctuation you need.
  • Reading Eggs. I have set you a Storyland lesson, which has a number of different activities to complete.
  • Education City. In the Homework section, click on you phonics city. In there are a series of activities. These activities are all the phonics activities for this week, so think carefully about spreading them out.


  • Education City. To start with this week I have set you a small test. Once you have completed it, it will give you some extra activities linked to how you did.
  • Times Tables Rockstars. A new battle has begun today and will last until Friday. See how many points you can get! I would like you to spend at least 10 minutes practising your tables. Remember that you can also challenge the teachers!


  • Education City. Officially it is now Spring, so it is time to look at the seasonal changes again. There are some sequenced activities for you to complete in the Science City. If you can’t print out the activity sheet, then you can draw the trees on paper or in your book.
  • As some extra, look at the different habitats we have learnt about and draw a picture or do some writing about how they have changed from Winter to Spring. The habitats we have investigated are woodland, coastal and we also looked at the Arctic and Antarctic to see how they change throughout the year.

Also, Audible ( have announced that they are making hundreds of stories free to listen to while we are closed. My recommendation for today is The Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle is my personal favourite.

Keep up the good work!

Mrs Gregory