Monday 29th June

Good Morning Pimhill,

I hope you had a good weekend.

Start with oak academy English.

Reception this week you will think about friends and kindness and write a letter. this is all linked to the story Beegu.

Year 1 your work is linked to Eddie’s Garden you will be looking at instructions and plurals. Think hard about how you make a word a plural. Remember the rule for words ending in sh ch zz x s.

Maths is from White Rose


Year 1 it’s about money this week and linking it to what you know about numbers.

Here are all the worksheets for the week so they can be printed in 1 go.

Lesson 1 – Ordering numbers

Lesson 2 – Recognising coins

Lesson 3 – Recognising notes

Lesson 4 – Counting in coins


This week think about kindness. Can you keep a dairy of all the kind things you do?

Here are some ideas.

Here you can keep a record.

Have a very kind week.

Mrs Foster