Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Haughmond!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to spend some time outside as well as doing activities with your family.

Well done to all of you for the effort you put into your learning last week. It’s been lovely to see examples of your work. Archie and Harrison what an excellent stadium you made, and Jess it was lovely to receive an e-mail telling me about how you are getting on too.

Congratulations to Year One who won last week’s Times Tables Rockstars battle, with Serena getting the most points out of everyone! Well done to Obosa for getting the most points in Year Two. I have set you up different battles this week. Year Two you are against Year Five and Year One I’ve pitted the boys against the girls. Remember it is the Year Ones in Pimhill too. Enjoy the battles, but remember to have a go at the other activities on there too so you can increase your rock status! Numbots is always available for you to practice your skills too.

Keep going with Reading Eggs as well. I can see that some of you did extra last week, so instead of setting you specific lessons, I want you to spend at least 15 minutes on there each day. Over the week try and get a mix of the different types of task; including Storyland lessons, driving tests and spelling lessons, as well as the next reading lesson on your maps.

Remember that even if I can’t comment on what you have done on one of our websites, I can still see what you achieve and am proud of you.

So today I am going to give you some activities for English, Maths and Science.


  • In your Phonics cities on Education City I have given you another series of tasks. As with last week, these cover all five days this week.
  • If we were still in school, the book we would be learning about is The Queen’s Knickers by Nicholas Allan. If you have the story at home I would like you to share it with the other people in your house. Otherwise, here is a link so you can hear it being read Today I would just like you to enjoy the story and talk about it with your grown up.
  • Please practise your spellings, and use this an opportunity to practise your handwriting too. Write each word in a sentence.


For your Maths lesson today, I would like you to log on to the Home Learning Hub on Twinkl If you haven’t signed up yet, the code for your grown-ups is in the pack that I sent home with you. In the 5-7 section there are activities for Year One and Year Two maths. Some of them are going to be a challenge for you, but you should all at least be able to achieve the ‘Diving’ task. Some of you will be able to move through to complete the ‘Deeper’ and ‘Deepest’ sections too.

Remember, if you cannot print the activities off, just copy the bits you need into your exercise books.


For your Science activity today, I would like you to use the Twinkl Home Learning Hub again. They have got a game and activities linked to recycling different materials. Can you use your learning from these activities to help with the recycling at home this week?

Happy Learning!

Mrs Gregory