Monday 30th March

Good Morning Pimhill

I hope you are starting the day with Joe Wicks, Beth Evie and I are doing the same at our home.

I have added activities on education city and reading eggs for you all to complete during the week.  Last weeks are available to you as I know education had problems with their server.

On Twinkl search for phoneme spotter stories to give you need reading materials.

Reception search for th ch sh ng ow stories

Year 1 e-e i-e o-e u-e stories.

Twinkl home learning 5-7 have maths activities for numbers to 100. Have a go at these Reception you might need some help. If they are too tricky look at the 3-5 activities.

There are also some sorting activities on Science materials on Twinkl home learning and I have linked some education city games to these.

Have a good Monday

Mrs Foster