Monday 6th July 2020

Good Morning Haughmond,

I can’t believe we are at the start of the penultimate week of the year!

Over the next two weeks I would like you to spend time on TTR and Reading Eggs. Let’s see how much progress we can make in them before the summer holidays!

I would also like you to think about when we were all together in school. Talk about/write/draw your memories of your time in Haughmond. Try and think of your funniest and happiest memories as well as your proudest achievements.


This week, Year One, you are looking at a unit on poetry, starting with listening to a poem today.

Monday’s Lesson

Year Two, you are going to be retrieving information from The Odyssey

Monday’s Lesson


Year One, you are looking at fractions this week. Today you are finding one half.

Monday’s Video

Lesson 1 – Find a half (1)

Year Two, today you are learning about litres.

Monday’s Video

Lesson 1 – Litres

Have a good day,

Mrs G.