Problems with Bushcraft Kid book on Fiction Express

Hi Stiperstones,

I am really sorry if you are having a problem with accessing ‘Bushcraft Kid’ on Fiction Express. I am aware that for some people the link is not allowing you to read the book. This is a technical issue with Fiction Express that myself and Mr Field are currently trying to solve.

Please bare with us!

If you are having trouble, then here are some other English activities for you to do on BBC Bitesize for today:

Year 4 –

Year 5 –

You can do both if you like !

We are waiting to hear back from Fiction Express about the problem with Bushcraft Kid, but if we can not resolve the problem for you today, there will be a link to a new book online for you for tomorrow instead. Once again, we are really sorry for the inconvenience.

Miss L-J and Mr Field