Reading and Phonics lessons

Here are some useful links to phonics and reading aimed at Reception Years 1 and 2

Letter to parents and carers about online phonics lessons

There are daily lessons for Reception and Year 1 .

It  would  help Year 2’s that need a bit of extra practice.

Oxford Owl have opened their ebook library  to everyone so that children can access banded reading books.

To Choose the correct level use the letters and sounds levels.

Here is what has been covered in letters and sounds lessons

Reception are confident with phase 2 and have covered phase 3 once (it is recommended that it is covered twice). Children in  reception can read the phase 2 books  and the phase 3 books with support 

Year 1 are confident with phase 4 and phase 5. Some Children will be going onto phase 6 

Year 2 can read phase 5 and phase 6 and above.

Remember if you child is reluctant or struggling  go back a phase  to gain confidence.  

We  hope this helps with reading and phonics

Mrs Foster and Mrs Gregory