Stiperstones and Wrekin Work Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning Wrekin and Stiperstones pupils!

If you have done some work you are very proud of and would like to share it, please ask your adults to send it into Mrs Winwood via email! She will send it on to me!

I suppose it’s time to get down to work!

  • 9am PE Joe Wickes Workout – we did this in school yesterday (at least 2m apart of course!) and it was really enjoyable!
  • English – I know that there are not many ‘good news’ stories about at the moment – but here is one! Australian conservationists have released many rescued Koalas back into the wild following the devastating bush fires. I know pupils in Wrekin class were very interested in the plight of the animals in Australia so  it is good to hear some animals are fit and healthy! TASK: Write a newspaper report about the release of the koalas – remember to use a headline, pictures with captions, quotes – you could also set it out in columns!
  • Maths – I have delegated each year group separate work today – it is all from White Rose Maths. Watch each video and complete the work in your exercise books – the answers are there too! Make sure you click on the correct lesson!
  1.  Year 4 Maths: Lesson 1 – Recognise tenths and hundredths –
  2. Year 5 Maths: Lesson 1 – Decimals up to 2 dp
  3. Year 6 Maths: Lesson 1 – Using ratio language