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Wrekin Homework – Friday 16th October 2020

Hi Wrekin – that was a soggy end to the week in PE – but I hope you enjoyed Mega-Ball 2000!

Remember that your extra effort on homework is rewarded with Class Dojos!

Spellings this week: I have not set a spelling list, but am giving you some revision games:

Play this game (click on Practice/Test), which gives a random list of Y5/6 words:

Then play Spooky Spellings: Click on Y5/6, then choose a set from the shelf!

Reading: Read the final chapter from your Fiction Express Books!

Maths: Head over to Education City to do some short division! and we also need to keep on top of times tables at


Have a lovely weekend – I’ll see you next week!

Mr Field


Wrekin Homework – Friday 9th October 2020

Hi to you all!

I hope that you are all looking forward to the weekend and enjoying some leisure time!

The homework follows the same plan as usual:

Remember to complete them all by the end of Thursday 15th October

Wrekin Homework (2nd October to be completed by 9th October)

Hi Wrekin!


  • Black History Month has started – Newsround have published an article about How Slavery Has Shaped Our Cities. Please read it to help you understand the impact of slavery in the UK and around the world.
  • The new chapters are accessible on Fiction Express today (Friday) so please read them and complete the quiz and vote! Remember that you can go back and read the previous chapters – some of you have missed them – please catch up!
  • Times Tables Rockstars is hotting up! Year 5s won again last week! Year 6s need to pick up the pace and I expect them to compete a bit more strongly this week!
  • I have set a range of activities on Education City – some games for Maths, some Learn Screens about multiplication and some reading.
  • Try out your Spellings from the Spelling page and the ones you practised at school.

Wrekin Homework – Friday 25th September

Well done Wrekin! The effort on the homework I set last week was fantastic – there were so many chapters read on Fiction Express! Keep up the good work! Everything you do at home will help you in class!

Homework this week:

1: Keep on top of your spellings from the Class Spelling Page

2: Read the next chapter on Fiction Express

3: Times Table Rockstars: keep your speed and accuracy up!

4: Education City – There are some addition and subtraction activities set!

5: Find some pictures about the Bayeux Tapestry and explore what they tell you about. This is a useful start:


Wrekin Homework – Friday 18th September 2020

NB: This homework is to be completed by next Friday!

Task 1: Logon to TT Rockstars and complete the challenges I have set!

Task 2: Spellings – see the class spellings page to follow up your work with Mrs Norris (Test on Thursday!)

Task 3: Log on to Fiction Express and read one, two or all of the new books – Read Chapter 1 and complete the Vote and then the Quiz for each book you read! Choose from The Dragon Inside Me, The Legend of Black Shuck or Micro!

Task 4: Log on to Education City and find your homework for this week (Friday 18th Sept 2020) about negative numbers and rounding!

Task 5: Find out about how the heart works before next week’s science! Be ready to come in with lots of ideas!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Field

Wrekin Weekly Homework – Friday 11th September 2020

Hi Wrekin Pupils!

I will be setting online homework this term – I will give activities from a range of subjects! If you have lost your login, please ask me to print you another as soon as possible!


To support your work on counting on and back in 10s, 100s, 1000s etc:

and speed up your tables at:


Practise perfect speech punctuation by writing out a conversation between you and a friend.


At least 20 minutes every day


See the Class Spelling Page



Wrekin Homework

Hello Wrekin Class!

I will be setting homework each week – usually set each Friday.

Due to the current procedures around keeping us all safe and healthy, I will be setting online homework.

The first homework will be set on 11th September 2020.

If you have any problems with accessing the homework, please let us know!

Mr Field

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