Stiperstones Homework – Friday 27th November for Thursday 3rd December

Hi class,

Spellings – For  spellings please see the Stiperstones spelling page.

Below are the links to Spelling Frame to practise extra spellings if you would like to.

See links below for this:

Year 5 – 

Year 4 –

Reading: Please Remember to be reading to an adult each day. This should be for roughly 15 minutes a time. This is really important and some of you are reluctant to read – but this must be done!

English –  For English, following our work in class this week, this is an activity that will help you use an apostrophe when writing about plural nouns.

Possessive Plural Nouns

If you would also like some more practise with using an apostrophe with singular nouns, I have put an extra sheet below:

Missing Apostrophe Singular nouns

Science – For Science this week, Please can you make it your mission to find out what the word ‘deforestation’ means. Also, do you think you can find out what ‘conservationists’ are?

Like usual, remember to  use TT Rock Stars to work on your times tables.

See you on Monday everyone,

Miss Lloyd-Jones