Stiperstones Work Friday 3rd April 2020 and Easter Homework

Hello everyone!

I hope you have been feeling the benefits of your morning exercise this week, I know I have!

Also, I hope you have enjoyed baking and/or designing your own dream cakes!

Today, I have set a few things for you to do, however these can also be completed over the Easter holidays – I don’t expect you to  do everything today, as there is quite a lot.

On Education City,  there is a Science lesson to remind you of the water cycle, which has been out focus this half term. There is also an activity for you to do based on an aspect of this. You do not have to print the sheet, you can write your ideas in your exercise books. This will get you thinking about you about evaporation and condensation as well, and will test what you can remember! I will set some work about some different aspects of the water cycle after Easter.

For maths – I would like you too keep practising your times tables using TT Rockstars, as well as this, I would like you to access some maths games on Top Marks – they are really fun!

This link ( will take you to the Fractions and decimals games on Top Marks, but as well as trying some of these,  please try and choose some games to help with things that you find tricky- whatever that may be, for example division, measure, or shape – that is what they are for, to help you precise things you find a bit tricky!

For R.E, I would like you to read the Easter Story (below).

Easter story powerpoint

Once you have read the story, I would like you to create a comic strip or storyboard (we have done these in class and so you should know what they look like, a picture for each part of the story you write) to tell other people why we celebrate Easter as a Christian holiday.

For this task, I will attach below a blank comic strip/storyboard sheet for printing if you have a printer, but if not, don’t worry -you can do this on blank paper or in your exercise books – whatever works best for you! (The link below has 3 different versions of a blank comic strip – so if you decide to use one, you can use the one that works best for you – one has parts of the story written in ready for you to help you).

Easter Story – comic strip storyboard

For Topic, now we have researched the physical geography and the culture for a city in Russia (Perm), I would like you to research the culture of Liverpool, as a city in the UK, as we have already researched the physical geography of Liverpool in class. This will help with the next activity after Easter- to write about the differences and similarities between the two places! You can set out your findings about the culture of Liverpool as a poster, PowerPoint or however you choose!

I have also assigned some Reading Eggspress comprehension and spelling activities for you to work on either today or over Easter.

For English (and a bit of Easter fun!) I have thought of an activity I think you will all really enjoy. Your task is to watch the Easter film ‘Hop’ and write a film review. Think about all the features of a film review that we have learnt in class. – Remember to use an attention grabbing exclamation sentence at the start of your review! Tell the reader the genre of the film, your opinion – what is good, what could be improved, and also the plot (but don’t give away the ending!). Also, remember to include the character and actor names, a rating and a recommendation for who should watch!

When writing your film review, think about the English skills you will use too, such as :

  • fronted adverbials (with a comma!)
  • expanded noun phrases to describe the film
  • verbs and adverbs
  • subordinate clauses (added to a main clause)
  • subordinating conjunctions
  • relative clauses
  • use of brackets

and anything else you can think of that we have been working on in class! Also, remember to use beautiful joined handwriting!

If you are stuck with remembering what some of these things are or how to use them in your writing, then Education city has lots of lessons and activities that can help you if you search for the thing you are struggling with. Also, Twinkl is currently free to use and has lots of good resources that explain things really well – this may be a little tricky to use, so remember to ask an adult to help you get set up on the website . If you are stuck with some of the things to use in your writing, ask a grown up to find the website  and  sign up using the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to access a free month. On here you will find things  to help you if you are stuck. For example – if you can not remember about subordinate clauses, then search this on Twinkl, and lots of things will come up to explain what they are and to help you use them in your writing.

Remember these ideas for activities are as well as the usual reading to a  grown up for 15 minutes a day, practising times tables (both multiplication AND division facts) and practising your next spelling lists – it would be good if you could  get up to the final week of the Spellings overview sheets (on the Stiperstones spellings page on the school website) over Easter, as then I can give you a fresh term of spellings after the holidays.

Most importantly, over Easter, remember to have fun, play games, have some time in the garden with your family and stay active! Also, enjoy your Easter eggs everyone!

Miss L-J