Stiperstones Work – Tuesday 21st April 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed the first Chapter of our book so far and are finding your way on the websites.

I understand that there may have been a problem with accessing the comprehension work booklets for the first chapter for reading, so for chapter 2 today, I have tried a different way – I have tried to include the actual PDF for you to click on and save, rather the link to the PDF for you to get online (see below).

I will also amend Monday’s post to have the PDF included for Chapter 1 activities, rather than the link. I hope this works for you all now! Please let Mrs Winwood know if there are any further issues.


Please read capter 2 ONLY today – our first book, ‘The Pirate’s Secret’:

Here is the PDF for the Chapter 2 Activities (Tuesday), rather than a link to the website – The Pirate’s Secret – Day 2 Work (Tuesday)



Our daily maths lessons can be accessed through this link:

Year 4 –

Year 5 –


There is one lesson per day – you will be Summer term week 1 – Lesson 2 (as lesson 2 is Tuesday)


Afternoon activities

Please access this link, which will take you to Classroom secrets ‘Home Learning Timetable’ –

Firstly, scroll down and make sure you are on the correct week ( Monday 20th April) –  then Click on your year group (Year 4 or Year 5) and click on Tuesday. This will then give you activities to choose from for today.


This is in addition to :

  • Weekly spelling practise and test
  • Times table practise (multiplication and divison facts
  • Reading to an adult every day (at least 15 minues)
  •  A daily physical activity – e.g. The Body Coach P.E session or Classroom Secrets physical Activity

I hope this helps.

Remember to get in touch, you can always contact via Mrs Winwood’s email address (admin).

Enjoy today’s work everyone!

Miss L-J