Stiperstones Work – Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hi everybody!

I know I gave you all of the links on one post on Monday, but this week I will continue to give you the specific links for each days work, just in case people are struggling with where to access different things, then hopefully from next week, you will be able to find everything from the links I will put up on Monday!

So, here is your work for today!


Please read chapter 3 ONLY today – our first book, ‘The Pirate’s Secret’:

Here is the PDF for the Chapter 3 Activities (Wednesday) – The Pirate’s Secret – Day 3 Work (Wednesday)



Once again, your daily maths lessons can be accessed through this link:

Year 4 –

Year 5 –


Remember here is one lesson per day – so today you will be Summer term week 1 – Lesson 3 (as lesson 3 is Wednesday)


Afternoon activities

Please access this link, which will take you to Classroom secrets ‘Home Learning Timetable’ –

Firstly, scroll down and make sure you are on the correct week ( Monday 20th April) –  then Click on your year group (Year 4 or Year 5) and click on Wednesday. This will then give you activities to choose from for today.


Remember everyone, you also need to make sure you keep up with :

  • Weekly spelling practise and test
  • Times table practise (multiplication and division facts)
  • Reading to an adult every day (at least 15 minutes)
  •  A daily physical activity – e.g. The Body Coach P.E session or Classroom Secrets physical Activity

Remember, get in touch if you would like to show me anything, ask anything or would like to keep me up to date with what you have been up to! I have been keeping up with my baking and also been working on the garden – these are some things you could carry on with too!

Enjoy !

Miss L-J