Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning,

It looks like it’s going to be a lovely day again today, so do your best to be spending some of your day outside.

Well done to everyone who has taken part in the TTR battles so far. You are all doing really well! Remember to keep up all your daily activities too.


For your English learning today I want you to go back to The Queen’s Knickers. I want you to think about the time that the Queen’s knickers went missing. The story tells us that it was sorted out just before the News at Ten. I’m going to give you two writing activities. You can do one today and the other tomorrow. The order is your choice:

  1. Create a missing poster including details such as descriptions and where they were last seen.
  2. Create a newspaper report reporting on the missing knickers. In this one I would like you to include an interview with Dilys. Bonus points if you remember speech marks.

I’ve also been asked about handwriting sheets that you could use to practise with. If you would like some, have a look at these


Yesterday I set you some learning related to telling the time. I am putting some more activities for time on Education City for you to complete and then tomorrow I am going to set you a more practical activity.


I know how much you all enjoy coding, so I’ve chosen the unit 1B on Espresso Coding. It’s the one called Simple Inputs and has a picture of a wizard. You should be able to access it on tablets as well as on a computer. As you know this is more than one lesson, but you can work through it at your own pace until you have completed it. Google Espresso Coding. Our username is student26770 and the password is bomere

Have a lovely day!

Mrs G