Thursday 30th April 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

Well done on all your hard work so far this week. Keep it up! I hope you are enjoying the new types of lesson.

For Maths today I would like you to complete lesson 4 on the White Rose website. For both year groups you will be carrying out problem solving activities. The links are here:

Year One      Year Two

Please also keep up with your excellent efforts on TTR. Last time I checked, Year Two were still in the lead but Year One were closing the gap! Please remember the other parts of the website though too. Only 6 of you have attempted soundchecks and 8 of you haven’t had a go at the Garage or Studio sections.

If you feel like practising your addition and subtraction skills, remember you can have a look at Numbots too. 

English, again, is a continuation of the lessons you’ve been doing this week.
Year One your lesson is about writing instructions and can be found here Lesson 4

Year Two your lesson is about adverbs and can be found here: Lesson 4

As well as this, remember it is important to keep practising your handwriting and spellings, along with keeping reading using either the Oxford Owls website or Reading Eggs.

If you want a longer story to listen to on Audible, they have now released the Harry Potter books for you to listen to for free.

Have a good day,

Mrs G.