Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Pimhill

Its  another sunny day I hope you are managing to get out in your gardens and enjoying a daily walk or bike ride.

Today continue the white Rose maths from the link yesterday.

For English this week have a go at instruction writing the National academy has a set of lessons you can use for this.


There are 5 lessons to complete linked to the story Sam’s Sandwich it is one of my favourite stories. You will need to think of minibeasts of your own so if you can have a minibeast hunt.

Phonics is on education city and on the Twinkl home learning.

This afternoon go out and have a look for mini beasts. How many can you find? Tally the numbers. Which is the most popular? Here is a sheet to record your findings or you can draw some of the minibeasts you find.

mini beast hunt

Have a fun day

Mrs Foster