Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good Morning,

I thought I would start this morning with an idea for an activity. In my house we have got a Wishes Jar. In our jar, whenever we think of something we would like to do but can’t at the moment, or that we are missing, we write it down on a piece of paper and pop it in the jar. Then, when lockdown is over we are going to take the pieces of paper out of the jar (not all at once) and do the things that we wrote down. The things that you write don’t have to be big, but are just a reminder of the things that we enjoy doing but can’t. In our jar we have things like walking up a mountain, going on the Severn Valley Railway and of course getting myself a Starbucks! Maybe you could create a wishes jar with your family?


Year One -Addition and subtraction word problems (crossing 10)- Video                                                                                                                                  Wednesday Activity Y1

Year Two- Subtracting 2-digit numbers – Video                                                                                                                                   Wednesday Activity Y2


Year One, today you are identifying and writing questions: Lesson Three

Year Two, you are going to be learning about setting descriptions: Lesson Three

I would also like you to be making sure you keep your reading skills going, so if you can, spend some time on Reading Eggs today too.

Have a good day,

Mrs G.