Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Pimhill,

I hope you are all enjoying this weeks activities.

Continue with the Oak Academy English and Maths linked on Monday.

Reception you are working on instructions. Remember instruction tell you what to do.

Year 1 You are looking at space travel with your text.

So…….. On Sunday it is Father’s day I have found some instructions how to make a rocket fathers day card.

Some of you might like to make one for your Dad’s, you might need a bit of help.

Dad’s if you are helping them leave them to finish off at the end then it will be a surprise on Sunday!!

You can search for other ideas on twinkl if you don’t like this one. If you havent got a photo you could draw a picture of you and your dad in the rocket windows.

Tomorrow I will give you an insert and some ideas to help you write your card.

Mrs Foster.