Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning and welcome to a brand new month!

Thank you to everyone who sent in things for me to see yesterday. I’m going to spend some of the morning putting a post together of all your learning to add to the Haughmond News part of the website.

Maddy, I really enjoyed reading your letter and hearing about all the things you have been up to. Your joke did make me smile!

Jess, what a lot you have done! I agree that your Rapunzel picture is fab and you should be proud of it.

Indi, you’ve done loads too! I particularly like your review of Chirk Castle. What a lot of writing!

Lara, I’ve seen how hard you are working on TTR. Well done! Keep it up! I was really pleased to see that you included division in your maths today.

Dom, The Quangle-Wangle’s Hat is one of my favourite stories, so it was lovely to read your review. I also love your snail picture and I’m really pleased with your effort on TTR. It’s lovely to hear you keep on getting quicker.

There have been lots of excellent knicker designs too! Thank you all for your hard work. I miss you all lots too and am looking forward to when we can all be together again.


Please carry on with your phonics activities on Education City and practising your spellings and handwriting.

Today we are going to take a pause from The Queen’s Knickers because I’ve got an idea from something Jess did on Monday and therefore am today launching ‘Haughmond Film Club!’ If you can choose a film that you would recommend to others to watch then write a film review. Similar to when you wrote your book reviews, but you need to include a plot summery and you could also include details such as who the actors are. Then, when I have got all of your reviews, I will put them into one document that you will be able to download and pick a film out of.


For Maths today I have set you some activities on Education City. They are related to learning to tell the time, which is a really good skill that you can keep on practising while we aren’t in school.


Today would have been our last lesson learning about Kings and Queens. I would like you to find a bit out about our current Queen and her family, and create a family tree for her. You could extend this, and create your own family tree too. There are some different resources you could use on this page if you wanted:

I’ve not given you a recommendation for Audible for a few days, so today I am recommending Winnie-the-Pooh. It’s a long one at nearly 3 hours, so I’m going to keep it as my recommendation for the rest of the week.

Keep up the good work, I’m proud of you all.

Mrs G