Wednesday 1st July 2020

Good Morning and welcome to another brand new month!

As lockdown is changing all the time now, I would like you to spend some time with your family thinking and talking about it today. In school we have been doing some work about the positive things that lockdown has given us and I would like you to do the same at home. For me it has been spending more time with my boys, and learning how to make really good pizza dough! I actually think I am probably better that Domino’s now!


Year One, today you are learning how to make a noun plural.

Wednesday’s Lesson

Year Two, you are learning about subordinating conjunctions.

Wednesday’s Lesson


Year One, you are learning to recognise bank notes.

Wednesday’s Video

Lesson 3 – Recognising notes

Year Two, you are comparing volumes.

Wednesday’s Video

Lesson 3 – Compare volume

Enjoy your learning,

Mrs G.