Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good Morning!

What a lovely day it was yesterday! I know from those I spoke to that you are all enjoying the sun. I’m hoping we can get the paddling pool out here today, I bet some of you will be doing the same! It’s certainly ice cream weather!


Year One

Wednesday’s Video Year One

Wednesday’s Activity Year One

Year Two – the White Rose site has been updated since yesterday. I think they had a blip with which week’s resources they had uploaded. Hopefully these activities will be correct!

Wednesday’s Video Year Two

Wednesday’s Activity Year Two


Year One, today you are learning about the past tense  Wednesday’s Lesson Year One

Year Two, today you are learning about different sentence types. Wednesday’s Lesson Year Two

The last thing I want you to do today is to go and do something that you enjoy.

Keep up the hard work,

Mrs G.