Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good Morning,

What miserable weather we’re having now! I hope the sun comes back soon!

I’m really pleased that most, if not all of you have had your seeds. It was lovely to see the pictures of many of you planting them.

Thank you for sending me your music Gabbi, well done for making your instruments and working on rhythm and beat!

The TTR Battle is going well, Lara you really rose to the challenge yesterday. Your total points count for over half of the Year Two score and Year Two have now taken the lead! Can you claim your lead back Year One to be winning at the half way point?

Maths today is the third lesson on White Rose:

Year One you are working on Quarters again.

Year Two, you have Calculations with Length.

In English you are going to be doing lesson 3 of the learning you have done so far this week.

Year One –

Year Two –

Please could you all also spend some time on Reading Eggs today too.

My story recommendation today is The Fabulous Pie because, well, it’s about pie! You can find it here: The Fabulous Pie

Have a good day,

Mrs G.