Wednesday 3rd June 2020


I hope the weather is staying nice for you. It is forecast to rain in Market Drayton, but I’m hoping it doesn’t (although my lawn could do with the water!) Yesterday I discovered a brilliant hack of putting my laptop inside a cardboard box standing on it’s side, so now I can work outside in the sun without there being so much reflection on the screen I can’t see!


Year One, today you are looking at capacity and volume

Wednesday Maths Video Year One

Wednesday Activity Year One

Year Two, today you are making equal groups by grouping.

Wednesday Maths Video Year Two

Wednesday Activity Year Two


Year One, today you are learning about onomatopoeia

Year One Wednesday Lesson

Year Two, today is your first lesson of the week from Oak Academy. At the start of the video your teacher will say welcome to lesson three, but don’t worry about that. Today you are going to be learning about syllables.

Year Two Wednesday Lesson

I hope you all have a good day,

Mrs G.