Wrekin Homework (2nd October to be completed by 9th October)

Hi Wrekin!


  • Black History Month has started – Newsround have published an article about How Slavery Has Shaped Our Cities. Please read it to help you understand the impact of slavery in the UK and around the world.
  • The new chapters are accessible on Fiction Express today (Friday) so please read them and complete the quiz and vote! Remember that you can go back and read the previous chapters – some of you have missed them – please catch up!
  • Times Tables Rockstars is hotting up! Year 5s won again last week! Year 6s need to pick up the pace and I expect them to compete a bit more strongly this week!
  • I have set a range of activities on Education City – some games for Maths, some Learn Screens about multiplication and some reading.
  • Try out your Spellings from the Spelling page and the ones you practised at school.