Wrekin Learning – Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning Wrekin stars!


Ant and Dec and David Walliams have teamed up with the NSPCC to bring you a virtual assembly today at 9.30 – YOU WILL NEED PARENTAL PERMISSION TO WATCH IT as it is hosted on Facebook. It is part of the Speak Out, Stay Safe work that the NSPCC do in primary schools, and you have already taken part – do you remember Buddy? Yes, of course you do! You will probably know the facts included in the assembly, but the Families Minister Vicky Ford MP will be answering questions from children your age about how Covid-19 has affected children in the UK – here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/nspcc/videos/742538003230159/ (remember to check with parents/carers first) I would recommend you watch it with parents/carers in case there is anything you wish to discuss


Have you been watching the news this week? Here is a very important story that has been evolving during the week – you may have seen it on the news, but this article will help you fully understand the background to what is happening George Floyd


There have been so many other stories around the world, and many in the UK – but have you remembered them? Here is a quiz from Newsround to test your knowledge https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/51318780


Here are your Friday activities:

Extra Challenges:


I hope you find today’s work interesting – have a good go at the maths, and try to get onto the NSPCC Assembly online, after checking with the grown-ups!


If any Year 6s (there are 3!) who haven’t sent in their transition forms to Mrs Winwood, please do it today!


Thank you


Mr F