Wrekin Learning – Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning, I hope you are all well! It has been cooler over the last few days – I hope any vegetables you have been nurturing were safe, as there has been a frost and it will harm them quite a bit! Luckily for all of us, the temperatures should rise today and it will be rather pleasant by Sunday! Have a look at next week on BBC Weather.


We just love animals in Wrekin Class don’t we? Well, here is a great story about how one very special species is benefiting from the global situation https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52618038


Today, I have set you a range of tasks:

  • Your first task is PSHE – I have been looking for PSHE activities for you to do at home, which you can learn and take forward with you into the summer holidays and secondary school. It is the most important lesson we do in many ways, so prioritise this today please! It is all about Making Decisions. There is a PowerPoint and two sheets – you don’t need to print them off, and the best way of doing them is with a grown-up – it should take about 15-20 minutes to read and discuss. LESSON Resource 1 Resource 2
  • In Year 5 Maths, you will be learning how to Compare and Order Fractions Y5 Thu Answers Y5 Thu Worksheet



  • In English, you will be Writing a Recount. Some of you have been adapting your work to write about what is important to you, rather than what is suggested in the lesson – this is a good idea!

I hope you can maybe get the sun on your face outside today too – I know my tomato plants could do with a sunbathe! They look a little sad after a few cold days!


Have a fab day! Stay safe, stay smiling!


Mr F