Wrekin Learning – Tuesday 12th May 2020

Hello one and all! I hope you enjoyed writing your reports yesterday. I was pleased to receive some excellent examples from you – thank you very much!


The Year 6s are just ahead of the Year 5s in the most recent TTRS Battle. Who will win?


You may have seen the Prime Minister on TV in the last few days announcing new steps around the Covid 19 lockdown. It can be very hard for you to understand some of the ‘political language’ so here is a super guide from Newsround.


And in some other news related to the virus and its effects, Newsround has published some research about children’s sleep during lockdown. Please read it. How is your sleep lately?


Work for today then:

  • You all want to be powerful politicians or Head Boy / Girl of The Corbet don’t you? Well, the good news is that you are writing a powerful speech in English to help you get started!
  • As you will know, we have done lots of thinking about pollution, and in particular, plastics. Here is a Geography lesson to help you understand a bit more about sustainability and plastics.


Have a great day!


Mr Field!