Wrekin Learning – Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning!

I hope you received your Fiction Express passwords yesterday – I think it will be a really good resource – as you will be able to read the chapters of a new books, then vote on what happens in the next chapter! You can do activities and quizzes linked to the book too!

Right then – what shall we do today?

  • Joe Wicks Workout – get those squats and press-ups in early! YouTube – The Body Coach
  • Maths – White Rose Daily lessons (remember to use the Summer Term lessons!) Year 5: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/  and Year 6: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/ Please do Lesson 2 for your year group (the answers are there and you can copy the work into your exercise books of you cannot print it!)
  • English Reading – Fiction Express https://en.fictionexpress.com/  Log onto the website and have a browse around! There is a new book coming out on Friday – we will really focus on that then, but in the meantime, please start to read a Level 2 or 3 book from the list on the home-screen. Start with Chapter 1, then do the activities that go alongside it! I get to see a cool table of what you have read and your scores when I login – so make me proud! You can easily read the books on a tablet or phone outside, so you could enjoy the sunshine whilst getting on with your work!
  • English Grammar – BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson – Modal Verbs This lesson is a good revision for Modal Verbs, including 2 videos then 3 activities to do in your exercise books!
  • Geography – BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson – Settlements Check out this fab lesson from BBC Bitesize (in their new range of online daily lessons). It gives you a video and information about types of settlements, before you have to do an activity in your exercise books!

Keep up the good work Wrekin! I am missing you!


Mr F