Wrekin Learning – Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning! It was good to see Boris Johnson back at his desk yesterday – he had a clear message: be patient! You are doing fantastically well, but you may feel like you are fed-up with the restriction on you. As Boris has said, remain patient, continue with your learning and spend time doing things you enjoy within your home with your family!


I know we studied the effect of the wildfires on Australian animals earlier in the school year. You did some excellent writing about it! Newsround has put together a special report about the improvements seen in the wildlife in Australia after the wildfires: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52410744 It’s worth a watch – there’s some good news in there!


PLEASE remember this week to read Chapter 1 of the new book on Fiction Express. Year 5 pupils should read The Last Guardian and Year 6s should read Neptune’s Trident. Also, please do the quiz and the vote closes TODAY for what happens in the next chapter! Only 3 of you have read these so far! Please read them this week as they are fab books and Chapter 2 is out on Friday!


TT Rockstars Update: Year 5 are winning by 700 points! Lots of you have been on there – well done! “Trent” is the top Year 5, whilst “Axel” is leading the way for Year 6!


Have a fab day – you are all superstars! Keep up the great work!

Mr F