Wrekin Learning – Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good morning to all of you and your families!


Don’t forget about the extra challenges each day posted at the bottom of the page!


Have you noted that the football season restarts one week from today? And, of course, the first match will feature the most wonderful of all teams: Aston Villa! The good news is that around 30 of the 90 remaining matches will be on ‘free-to-air’ broadcasts on channels such as BBC, Sky Pick and Amazon Prime.


For those of you not interested in football, there are a range of other sports creeping back towards their own restarts. Maybe soon you can start playing sports again too! I have one piece of sporting news from the class: Ellie ran 8 miles this week with her father! For a 10-year-old this is an amazing achievement – well done Ellie! Maybe she can represent the school in cross-country next year!


Here are some learning activities for today:


Extra Challenges



I hope you all have a lovely day!


Mr Field!