Wrekin Learning – Wednesday 17th June 2020

Hello again Wrekin Class!


I am excited about the football restarting tonight! As you know, I really do love football and I know some of you do too. With football restarting it feels like some things are moving back towards ‘normality’ (even though there will be a new normal in the future!) What are you looking forward to returning or changing?

Furthermore, I know that some of you are returning to school during the next week. As I have said before, it is very different; the tables and chairs are spaced apart, lots of furniture has been removed to make space, the teachers have an area at the front of the class which is marked out and you have to line up 2m apart. I am sure that you will get used to it, but it is worth thinking about now. For those not returning, the school work will still be on the website and I will be in contact with you!


Some work for Wednesday: (the Y5 video won’t show on this page for some reason today but will open on another tab- sorry!)


Extra Challenges:


Have a good day Wrekin!


Mr Field