Wrekin Pupil Work Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Wrekin Class!

I have been into school during the last couple of days – it is very quiet, as you would expect! Belinda is still in cooking those tasty dinners though! If any of you would like to, you could send her a letter or picture – she would love to hear from you!

  • Joe Wicks is still at it! https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1 My children have been doing this each day at home – they have even been recording their own fitness workout videos- could you do the same?
  • English – Education City still seems a bit glitchy when I have seen pupils working on it in school, so I will set another comprehension and spelling lesson todayhttps://readingeggspress.co.uk/ – KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Lots of you are working hard on your work; it makes me very proud!
  • Maths – I haven’t set online work today – but I would like you to undertake a fun, practical activity which might help you think about happy times! I want you to plan what you would take on a holiday! Use the internet or a brochure you have at home to plan at least 10 items you might take away on a holiday (choose, camping, beach, city or even a polar break!). Remember – you will need good luggage, some clothes, toys and maybe even a new ipod! Write down the prices in your exercise books, and add them up! What if you get a 10% discount? How much will it cost then? What about 25% off?
  • PSHE – I have found this videohttps://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zjypyrd which is about two boys who were best friends, but one moved away and the importance of keeping in touch – some of you might feel that you are missing friends. Could you write a message to a friend who you are missing to say what you have been up to? You could ask your parents/carers to send it on electronically or by post. Draft a letter in your exercise book, so even if you don’t send it, you can still write down what you want to say to that special friend. Remember to stay safe online if you are sending emails and get your parents’ permission!