Spellings Spring 2

These are the spellings for the rest of the spring term.

Please practise these at home using the strategies we use at school. We will have a collaborative spelling test at the end of the term.

Year 4

believe, bicycle, breath, decide, describe, different, February, forward, forwards, island, knowledge, learn, ordinary, particular, peculiar, recent, regular, reign, various, weight, woman


Year 5

attached, available, average, convenience, correspond, criticise, especially, exaggerate, excellent, immediately, individual, interfere, opportunity, parliament, persuade, rhythm, sacrifice, secretary, twelfth, variety, vegetable

Stiperstones Homework

Fiction Express/Reading

Please read chapter two of your chosen book and complete the quiz

Read your reading book everyday and fill in your reading record each time.

TTR – Try to do 10 mins a day, it will really help.

Practise the specific tables you have chosen to focus on this week.

SPag Monsters – Lets see how many of us will achieve a certificate this week.

Half termly spellings to practise also

Stiperstones spellings Spring 1

Here are your next group of spellings to learn this half term. We will carry out a collaborative spelling test at the end of this half term.

Thank you

Year 4

answer, complete, extreme, increase, occasionally, purpose, though, appear, consider, famous. important, often, quarter, thought, arrive, continue, favourite, interest, opposite, question, through


Year 5

ancient, conscience, equip, hindrance, nuisance, relevant, system, apparent, conscious, equipped, identity, occupy, restaurant, temperature, appreciate, controversy, equipment, immediate, occur, rhyme, thorough