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Spellings for the first half of the summer term are:

Year 4

breathe, build, busy, business, difficult, disappear, early, earth, fruit, grammar, group, guard, length, library, material, ,medicine, perhaps, popular, position, possess, remember, sentence, separate, special, women


Year 5

awkward, bargain, bruise, curiosity, definite, desperate, existence, explanation, familiar, interrupt, language, leisure, physical, prejudice, privilege, shoulder, signature, sincere, vehicle, yacht

Spellings Spring 2

These are the spellings for the rest of the spring term.

Please practise these at home using the strategies we use at school. We will have a collaborative spelling test at the end of the term.

Year 4

believe, bicycle, breath, decide, describe, different, February, forward, forwards, island, knowledge, learn, ordinary, particular, peculiar, recent, regular, reign, various, weight, woman


Year 5

attached, available, average, convenience, correspond, criticise, especially, exaggerate, excellent, immediately, individual, interfere, opportunity, parliament, persuade, rhythm, sacrifice, secretary, twelfth, variety, vegetable

Stiperstones spellings Spring 1

Here are your next group of spellings to learn this half term. We will carry out a collaborative spelling test at the end of this half term.

Thank you

Year 4

answer, complete, extreme, increase, occasionally, purpose, though, appear, consider, famous. important, often, quarter, thought, arrive, continue, favourite, interest, opposite, question, through


Year 5

ancient, conscience, equip, hindrance, nuisance, relevant, system, apparent, conscious, equipped, identity, occupy, restaurant, temperature, appreciate, controversy, equipment, immediate, occur, rhyme, thorough

Second half term spellings

These are the spellings for you to focus on this half term.

Please continue to practise them, use the tricks and strategies we use in class to learn new spellings. We will be having a collaborative test towards the end of term.

Year 4 words

actually, address, although, century, certain, circle, exercise, experience, experiment, height, history, imagine, naughty, notice, occasion, pressure, probably, promise, suppose, surprise, therefore


Year 5 words

achieve, aggressive, amateur, communicate, community, competition, disastrous, embarrass, environment, government, guarantee, harass, muscle, necessary, neighbour, queue, recognise, recommend, sufficient, suggest, symbol

Stiperstones spellings first half term

Here are the spellings for the first half term. We will be practising these in school also. Please can you choose a few each week to learn at home. There will be a collaborative test during this half term. Thank you

Year 4 words

accident, accidentally, actual, calendar, caught, centre, eight, eighth, enough, guide, heard, heart, mention, minute, natural, possession, possible, potatoes, straight, strange, strength


Year 5 words

accommodate, accompany, according, category, cemetery, committee, determined, develop, dictionary, foreign, forty, frequently, lightening, marvellous, mischievous, profession, programme, pronunciation, sincerely, soldier, stomach,

Spellings second half term

Along with our weekly spellings rules and patterns which we do following our pathways programme.  We also continue to practise the year 3/4 words and 5/6 words.

We have worked through them over the year, so we are onto our final few now!

Children also have copies of all the word lists in their homework books.

build, disappear, grammar, library, popular, sentence, busy, early, group, material, position, separate, business, earth, guard,  medicine, possess, special


Spellings – Summer Term 1

Each half term the children have  a list of spellings they practise daily in class.

These are found in homework books.

I thought it might be useful to share on the website as well, these are tested in a collaborative way, where by the children work together to spell them.























Spag Monsters

This week your children will bring home a log in for SPAG MONSTERS.

We are trialling this, so would be great to know what you think.

The children were excited when I showed them today. It will help them with spellings, grammar and punctuation.

Any problems let me know,

Thank you

Mrs Quigley

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