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Stiperstones Homework

Over the half term, I would like the children to focus on x table practise.

I have set a challenge on TTR for you to complete, you can also use the x tables games website.

On Friday 3rd November, the next book is released on Fiction Express. Please read the first chapter of your chosen book and complete the quiz.

Have a good half term, see you back on Tuesday 7th November.

Second half term spellings

These are the spellings for you to focus on this half term.

Please continue to practise them, use the tricks and strategies we use in class to learn new spellings. We will be having a collaborative test towards the end of term.

Year 4 words

actually, address, although, century, certain, circle, exercise, experience, experiment, height, history, imagine, naughty, notice, occasion, pressure, probably, promise, suppose, surprise, therefore


Year 5 words

achieve, aggressive, amateur, communicate, community, competition, disastrous, embarrass, environment, government, guarantee, harass, muscle, necessary, neighbour, queue, recognise, recommend, sufficient, suggest, symbol

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