Reading the Game – Session 3

This week we learned all about RESPECT. We thought about who and what we should show respect to and how we show it. We created eye-catching posters to encourage people to always be respectful.

We always practised our football skills and had some great games at the end of our session. Our players of the match this week are Lara and Tyler-Jay – well done!

Reading the Game

This term Stiperstones will be taking part in ‘Reading the Game’. This is run by Shrewsbury Town in the Community. We had our first session today with Coach Neil. He told us all about what we will be doing over the next few weeks and we even got to practise some of our football skills too!

Our star players this week were Obosa and Annabelle – well done!

Stiperstones Homework 28.9.21

Stiperstones Homework 28/9/21 – due in Monday 4th October 2021

Student Council 2021/22

We are looking for sensible and responsible pupils to represent the children of Bomere Heath CE Primary School on the 5 School Councils:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Eco
  • Fun and Games
  • Worship
  • Healthy Helpers

Please write a letter to explain why you would be a good school council representative.

Remember to tell us what you are good at, how you will represent your classmates and what you want to achieve in your role!

Stiperstones Homework Tuesday 21st September

Every week, do your best to complete the following:

  1. Daily reading with at least 3 updates in your Reading Diaries.
  2. Times tables – complete any grids in your book and keep practising times tables to stay confident. You can use this website to help you
  3. Complete the worksheet for your year group below.

Year 4 Homework

Y5 Homework

Homework Books will be needed in on Tuesdays, ready for the new tasks to be stuck in.

Any problems, just have a chat with Miss Horton, Mrs Quigley or Mr Lack.


Stiperstones Home Learning Monday 20th September 2021

Good Morning Stiperstones, we hope you’re ok and can’t wait to have you all back in class very soon!

Your home learning for Monday is below. If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact me on

Monday 20th September

Maths: Year 4s you will be finding 1, 10 or 100 more or less than a number. Year 5s you are looking at numbers to one million. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet. You can mark your work using the answer sheet when you have finished like we do in class.

Year 4 video:

Year 4 worksheet: Y4 – Find 1, 10, 100 more or less

Year 4 answers: Y4 – Answers

Year 5 video:

Year 5 worksheet: Y5 – Numbers to a million

Year 5 answers: Y5 – answers

English: In class we are thinking about paragraphs and how to structure our writing. Have a look at the PowerPoint presentation on paragraphs then have a go at continuing a story using paragraphs to structure the text.

Paragraph Powerpoint: Paragraphs

Paragraph Worksheet: Paragraph Activity

Reading: Have a go at the reading comprehension for your year group. You will need to use the skills we have been practicing together in class. You can mark your work using the answers that are at end of the comprehension sheet.

Year 4: Year 4 Reading Comprehension

Year 5: Year 5 Reading Comprehension

Computing: Today we will be looking at the types of information you can/should share about yourself online. Have a look at the PowerPoint presentation and think about what would be safe and unsafe information to have on a public profile. Why might it be dangerous for you to reveal personal details about yourself online? Complete the  form on the ‘Awesome Accounts Activity Sheet’ with the information that would be needed to register for and create an online profile. Think about the information you have put on your form and use a highlighter to highlight and label the parts of the registration information that should stay private.

Powerpoint:Too Much Information

Worksheet: Awesome Accounts Activity Sheet

PE: As you know we have been developing our football skills over the past couple of weeks. Have a look at this video on ball mastery and join in with the activities. Remember to make sure you have plenty of space and to listen carefully to the teacher on screen to keep you safe

Ball Mastery:

Any problems, let me know!

Miss Horton 🙂



Stiperstones Class Information

Welcome back Stiperstones,

It’s been lovely to see you all back in class! Please find below an overview of our topic for the Autumn term.

Stiperstones Topic Overview Autumn

We do PE on a Monday and a Thursday, so please come dressed in your PE kit on those days.

Homework will be a mix of online and written activities, a homework book will be used, and if you need any reminders on passwords please ask Mrs Quigley or Miss Horton. Homework will be given out each Monday and collected by the following Monday.

We hope you have settled back into a school well and that you are looking forward to an exciting term.

Thank you,

Miss Horton & Mrs Quigley