Homework – 21st September 2018

Grinshill Class

On Thursday 27th September we will be going on our class trip, so to help us get ready I would like you to do some research.


  1. Can you find out how to make a shelter out of branches, twigs, leaves and moss?
  2. You can include a picture from the internet or one of your own of anything that looks really good.
  3. I would like some sentences of how to make it too please.


Can practice your times tables for a test next week?

Year 2 – 2 times table only

Year 3 – 4 times table only


It is so important that you are reading with your child for at least 10 minutes a night at least 5 days a week.


Can you practice these for their test each Monday morning please. Please use the Look, cover, write, check method that we are using in class. If you are not sure call in to see Mrs Roberts.